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Our balloons are the perfect way to celebrate!. Balloons can be added to a fence, dropped from the ceiling, set on tables or carpet the floor — kids will squeal with delight! Use our huge selection of sizes, shapes, colours, materials, and accessories, like ribbons and weighted anchors, to pull all your balloon fun together. Satisfy any creative concept or match your theme. The haunted house and skeleton bouquet coordinated with black and orange balloons are just plain spooktacular!

We have striking patterns like dots, paw prints, stars, sports logos, zebra stripes, skulls add even more layers of decorating options that will impress your guests.

How about foil balloons? Think big! We have huge airwalkers for sale and cloudbusters, or you might like a flamingo, flower, dolphin, star, starfish, skeleton, movie camera, monkey, football, sun, checkered rally flag, Mickey Mouse, Mardi Gras, or foil numbers just to name a few

Use our balloon expressions too for that party with a purpose — like sports, New Years, Christmas, bachelorette party, and birthdays! We even have balloons that feature some of the most popular video game characters like Super Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog. Get your creative juices flowing — you've got a party to plan!

We promise that whether you're 1 or 100, your birthday will be super awesome due to the enormous range of balloons we are offering. We have covered you from start to finish.

No matter the occasion, BalloonShop.com.au has something for you. From latex, Mylar and foil balloons to round, twisting, and shaped balloons, our selection is second to none. If you want to buy balloons for a themed birthday party or other shindigs, you have arrived at the perfect place! We have a collection of officially licensed and branded balloons from Disney, Marvel, and much more. Most of our balloons can be filled with air or helium, and we even offer self-sealing air-fill balloons. When you purchase balloons from us, you’ll also get incredible shipping rates. It’s never been easier to buy balloons online! All balloons are shipped packaged and not inflated.