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Balloon Seals Explained

We get constantly asked what do professional balloon decorators use to seal their balloons. Luckily the balloon industry has a variety of tools available to help us out.

This page tries to explain all the different seals available. If you have further question on any of those do not hesitate to contact us.

STandard balloon Seals
Standard Balloons Seals

Standard Balloon Seals allow you to seal a balloon by twisting it through the 2 slots on the side.

This standard seal also allows to attach a balloon string through the hole on the side.

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Quickie Clips
Quickie Clips

Quickie clips are used for sealing standard 28cm up to the very large 90cm balloons which have large necks.

The Quickie clips are also very very easy and quick to seal a balloon with the added benefit of no loss of air or helium gas.

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H-Clips Balloon Sealing

H-Clips are small plastic clips formed like an H. The idea comes from the building industry where they use H-Clips to join plywood or roof sheets together.

In the balloon decoration industry, H-Clips are used to tie off balloons.

You can use them in standard 28cm to large 60cm helium or air filled balloons.

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Premium Balloon Sealing
Premium Balloon Seals

The New Premium Balloon SEAL ® is the simplest, most economical balloon holder, sealer, and ribbon, "All in One".

The Premium Balloon Seal ® assembles to latex balloons with three simple steps without tying a knot.

Watch this video to see how this product works.

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